Internships, workshop and laboratories

Stage: what you have to do!

What to do!

To help in the acquisition of professional skills and to assist students in entering the workforce, the study plans of the communication courses in CIM, CPM and CoD include curricular internships (stage) which are obligatory for students. The internships take place in companies, agencies or associations that are affiliated with the University of Pavia. There should be a training project agreed on and approved by the person in charge of the stage in the course, who is also the university tutor.                               

The internship takes place in the final year of the degree course (if necessary, it can be anticipated); it normally lasts at least 150 hours which is the equivalent of 6 CFUs. It is possible to supplement the internship with an additional 150 hours, for which a further 6 CFUs may be recognized; these are included as an elective activity in the students’ study plan, with a resultant total of 300 hours and 12 CFUs. However this “integrated” internship is considered to be a continuation of the activity the student is already undertaking within the same company, and for full recognition it must initially be approved by the university tutor. 

To activate a stage it is necessary that:

  1. the facility where the student intends to carry out the internship has an agreement with the University of Pavia
  2. a training project has been agreed upon, presented, approved and signed, and that it specifies:
    • the period of the activity
    • the tasks to be carried out           
    • a company tutor chosen by the company
    • a university tutor from the course of study

All documents regarding the management of the internship are to be filled in online on the Almalaurea portal and with the support of the Centro Orientamento  – C.Or. of the University of Pavia.

Other activities, such as international mobility experiences  (Erasmus+ study or traineeship, Erasmus Mundus, or other exchange programmes organized by the University of Pavia) can be recognized as internships, as can also, if it is relevant to the course of study, the student’s own job (see “other recognized  activities“).