​​​​​​​Career prospects

Career prospects  

Graduates in "Communication, innovation, multimedia" are able to cover those professional roles characterised by an integrated mix of linguistic, social (political, legal and economic) skills and those involving innovative information technologies. They therefore assume the role of communication experts, endowed not only with specific professional knowledge, but also with the necessary interdisciplinary culture and sensitivity to understand the complexity of communicational issues in innovative social contexts.

Skills associated with the role:

The degree course in “Communication, innovation and multimedia studies” has as its objective the provision of a theoretical and practical preparation for new professions in the communication sector (focusing on innovations in information technology and more generally on innovation in the means and contexts of communication), and is the basis for further studies in Italy or abroad.

Graduates should possess:

  • basic skills and specific abilities in the various communication sectors and be able to perform professional tasks in the media, public administration, different areas of the culture industry ,and in corporate, service and consumer sectors;
  • basic skills relating to new technologies, and the skills necessary to carry out communication activities and interact with the public;
  • the necessary skills for editorial activities on different media;
  • written and oral competencies in two foreign languages, at least one of which is from the European Union; students must also have acquired an adequate competence in the use of the Italian language;
  • the basic skills necessary for the production of informative and communicative texts.

Career prospects  

The career opportunities and professional activities envisaged by the degree courses are in public and private organisations, both national and international, and see graduates in charge of communication and relations with the public, experts in multimedia, distance education, professionals in publishing companies and advertising agencies.

The degree course in "Communication, innovation and multimedia" offers the possibility of in-depth study in different areas: on the one hand, various sectors of management, law, politics, and economic and labour processes, in order to integrate the professional profile of experts in public relations and advertising, or communicators in companies and public organisations (national and international); on the other hand, linguistic, semiotic, literary, and artistic disciplines and areas related to cinema, radio and TV, in order to integrate the professional profile of operators in publishing (traditional and multimedia) or communicators in the fields of culture and entertainment.