Admission test

The degree course in  Communication, Innovation and Multimedia Studies (CIM) at the University of Pavia has “a fixed number of students” (= “closed”) there are  305 places available, of which, 5 are for non-European citizens and 5 are for members of the public administration. 

To enroll in a course with a fixed number of students, it is necessary to pass an admission test. 

The first test for CIM will be held online on 21 July 2022; candidates will be informed in advance as to the time of the test. 

The second test will be held on 2 September 2022.  

Please note that enrolments for the second test are open from 8-12 August. 

For information regarding the test, enrolment, and necessary support documentation, see the page for the admissions call.

The test has 22 questions: 6 are questions involving logic , 7 regard the use of English , 7 test basic IT knowledge and 2 questions are a reading comprehension. 

The test lasts 45 minutes, which allows approximately two minutes for each question. 

Most of the questions are multiple choice with four possible answers of which only one is correct; some questions have three possible answers of which only one is correct. The correct answers are worth 1 point; blank answers are worth 0; when there are four choices, then incorrect answers are worth -0,25 and if there are three possible answers, incorrect answers are worth -0,33.
To be eligible to enrol in the CIM course, each candidate must obtain a minimum score of 5 points.
As can be seen, this result is entirely feasible: for example if students answer 5 questions correctly (out of the 22 questions) but do not answer the others; or if they answer 7-8 correctly, 7-8 incorrectly and leave the rest blank. 

Students need not worry excessively about reaching the minimum score. However, they should be aware that only the first 305 candidates in order of ranking will be able to enrol (5 of whom will be non-European and 5 from the public administration); the ranking list is based on the number of points obtained in the test. Doing well in the test and answering as many questions as possible increases students’ chances of being eligible to enrol.           

Should students find themselves among the first 295 (+5 from the public administration) places on the ranking list, they need to proceed quickly with their matriculation, following the instructions given on the page for the admissions call.

In the event that some of the first 295+5 candidates decide not to enrol, those students who are lower down on the ranking list will be contacted until all available places are filled. It is necessary, however, that the decision to accept a place is made as soon as possible.  

The admission test will also be used to determine whether students have any “learning gaps” (according to the current regulations) and have scored less than 2 points in English and basic IT knowledge (this is also a score which can be easily reached: see the information above about the total minimum score necessary).

If students have a learning gap, this does not mean that they cannot matriculate: it simply means that by the end of the first year, they will have to participate in specific extra activities, as outlined in the following document:  CIM – closing the learning gap.

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